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Want to see a miracle?

Want to see a miracle? Today while conducting a corps review/leaders meeting for the Edinets Corps in Moldova... I told Lts Sergiu and Galyna Kolodiy Nica that they were involved in the Miracle business. I told them that several months ago I had seen the picture of the family that he'd gone to visit and care for in their home. Three beautiful sisters. He made sure their practical needs were met..., the SeeMe after school Social Impact program nurtured them...the whole Armata Salvarii / The Salvation Army - loved them.... And last Saturday these girls were enrolled as some of Moldova's Jr. Soldiers!!!! You can see grace and joy written across their faces, can't you?

We thanked and challenged the leaders around the table... It will only be a matter of 8 years or so before these are your next young adults, leaders, officers. Teach them, love them well.
I am so happy that I am allowed to see transformation like this unfold!

Want to see a miracle? The Salvation Army Moldova corp Edinets