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Prison ministry

Computer Class and Social Activities in Women’s Prison “Rusca”

Prison ministry

Rusca prison is an only women’s prison in Moldova. There are approximately 300 inmates. The Salvation Army in Moldova already has an established work with them. The work consist of personal contact with individual inmates, distribution of some humanitarian aid and establishment of practical and academic computer courses to enhance the possibilities to manage the post-prison situation and gain knowledge and skills for job possibilities. Additional educational groups and courses include information about HIV infection and protection, workshops on healthy lifestyle, counselling for prisoners. Every Friday women have Bible lesson and are provided eith a healthy meals.

We hold a computer class; the room provided by prison authorities, Computers and Equipment which belong to TSA (from previous projects), workers who are ready to continue their work in the project.

The project has been in operation for 7 years, and the project was designed and modified during these years in collaboration with Prison Authorities, Ministry of Education and Department of Justice, project’s coordinator and computer teacher. We discovered more about inmate’s needs and interviewed them about possible changes.

Objectives: Main changes to be achieved for the beneficiaries:

1. To raise awareness concerning HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and trafficking among the inmates and families to prevent spreading and involvement  through informative workshops and/or seminars

a) Making no less than 4 video/interactive seminars on HIV/AIDS, drugs, human traffic

2. To motivate the prisoners and their families and lead them to conversion through counseling(private/group, bible study)

a) Making a Bible lesson once a week

b) Having at least one personal consultation with each women during the year

3. To provide the prisoners with tools for them to make living and have a better future perspective when leaving the prison through computer literacy programs.

a) 30 inmates per one year and 90 per 3 proposed years attend the Computer Class

b) No less than 90% receive accredited diplomas

Main project activities:

1.     Computer class:

1.1  Monday-Friday 8:00 – 11:45 – 4 academic hours’ daily lectures (Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint). During the summer beneficiaries have Adobe Photoshop course + practice.

1.2  Saturday 8:00 – 11:45 – optionally additional lessons, for those inmates who missed classes or need personal clarifications.

1.3  During one month (July) students have Photoshop lessons as the summer practice.

1.4  In May 2 examination days.

1.5  Certification meeting and celebration

2.     Prevention and awareness work

1.1  At least four time a year seminars/video seminars/workshops on HIV/AIDS, drugs and human traffic.

      3.     Support groups 

Additional support

On the 4th of July 2013, 31 inmates from the Women's Rusca prison received their certificates of qualification. These were issued by the Ministry of Education on the occasion of the completion of their computer course. They are now qualified operators.

The programme was funded by The Salvation Army together with the Ministry of Education.

On the same day, the Salvation Army donated the dental equipment and different instruments for the medical section of the prison. The women of Rusca prison will now get high quality dental care in much better conditions of safety and comfort.

Mass Media about the project: