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Elderly care

Elderly careFar more people live to reach old age than at any time in our World’s history. Medical interventions can now prevent or slow down many of the health problems traditionally associated with old age. However, these changes haven't come to Moldova yet. As the government, due to economic and political crises, can’t provide sufficient health care for the elderly nor any other kind of support, instead of having a well-deserved rest, they are poor, lonely, sick, weak and isolated.  There are many other reasons and added to this problem are the unemployed people of working age who leave Moldova to earn money in another country. They abandon their elderly without care and don’t support them financially. Because of hopelessness some start to consume alcohol and abuse their elderly parents. 

We see the elderly as one of the most vulnerable groups in Moldova and we support the neediest ones from all over the country.

"Adopt a granny" Elderly individual sponsorship project

Senior Clubs

Every Monday and Wednesday the Elderly Club in Belt is visited by 23-25 people.
Our clients have warm felowsip and meals,